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Have You  Scheduled Your Fundraiser?

In a few minutes, you can be on your way to poppin' profits!


Popped and delivered by CLUSTERS Handcrafted Popcorn


Community Commitment

POP4PROFITS Fundraising, a division of CLUSTERS Handcrafted Popcorn, proudly helps raise thousands of dollars for schools, sports teams and nonprofit organizations by providing quality, gourmet popcorn, in a variety of sweet and salty flavors.


How much profit can we make?

Your group earns $10 on every tub of popcorn sold. The more you sell, the more profits you will make. With our digital fundraiser, it’s easy to spread the word so friends, family and co-workers across the country can support your cause.


Email can help your fundraiser!

There are almost 4 billion daily email users and half of email is opened on mobile phones. Use the power of email to extend the reach of your fundraiser. Share the reason you’re raising money and your sales target. Engage your community to boost profits!

Fundraising Flavor Options


Toasted Coconut

Want those Malibu vibes? The sugar glaze is transformed with an infusion of coconut and then dusted with natural toasted coconut flakes.


Caramel Corn

Everybody loves caramel corn! Our secret family caramel recipe will have you reaching for your sixth sense.


Sweet Habanero

Often considered our most dynamic duo, it's sweeter than it is spicy, and packed with flavor. Popularly mixed with the White Cheddar.


White Cheddar

Melted cheese, melted cheese, and more melted cheese. No powder here. This fan favorite is the creamiest of all the popcorns.


Cookie Explosion

We took the Caramel Corn recipe and collided it with countless amounts of sandwich cookies, nuf said.


No doubt, the best popcorn I've ever had!

Sarah W.

It is absolutely the best gourmet popcorn out there!

Diane E.

Fundraising made simple. Finally!

Rebecca C.

Great, Delicious,
and Fresh!

Kelly R.

What an easy process. Highly recommended!

Brandon K.

Our History

With over 10 years of experience, CLUSTERS Handcrafted Popcorn provides a sweet, family feel, along with original recipes and procedures. Whether you need a fundraiser, party favors for your events, wholesale bags for your business, ship gifts to friends, or just a snack for movie night, CLUSTERS has the popcorn for you.

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